The Benefits of Solar Power Explained in the Domestic Environment

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Many of us are hearing more about the use of solar power, and the advantages of it, over other forms of energy.

I will summarize some of the benefits that can be gained from using solar power, as well as some methods to go about installing it.

Solar power is a form of renewable energy which is in direct contrast to many existing technologies, that rely on fossil fuels to provide the energy source. In the case of electricity, most countries relying on fossil fuels will be using either coal, or nuclear material.

In the case of coal usage, its a limited resource, which is becoming more and more expensive to obtain, thus having increased costs passed onto you, the end consumer. In addition to this, the waste from the burning of these fuels is affecting our environment, in the form of greater pollution, affects on the earth from excessive mining, and also in some areas, our health is being affected, particularly people sensitive to airborne contaminants.

Taking this point a little further, whilst some people may argue that nuclear power is the answer, in that it is a cleaner fuel to use, you may find you receive opposition to that argument from people in Russia, and Europe, who were affected by the Chernobyl disaster, when they had a nuclear reactor leak.

Hence, the problem with nuclear fuels is the management and storage of the waste, which can be radioactive for hundreds of years onward.

Thus, it is my view that solar energy ios the solution that many of us can benefit from, and need to adopt.

Solar power is obtained from the sun’s light, and is collected via photovoltaic cells on collection panels, that then transfer this voltage, or electricity to a storage system, like batteries, to be converted to electricity.

Some systems dispense with the storage part, and directly convert the sun’s energy to electricity. Either way, you end up with a much cleaner system, that does not burn fuel and that is also renewable.

The sun is going to remain alive for a long time to come, and amongst other benefits, our power source costs are much cheaper. In fact, once the cost of the parts to manufacture the system is removed, the rest is totally self sufficient, and free to run.

Solar systems for converting our homes to solar power are available commercially at great cost, but many do not realise that these systems can be built in kit form, and self assembled, to provide some replacement electricity in our homes.

Taken to the next level, some homes can be fully solar powered, provided enough solar cells are built, and you have the physical space on your roof, or on the grounds to place the collection panels.

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